About our Allotments
The Parish Council allotments are situated off station road in Crawley Down and the site is divided into around 100 plots of varying sizes. The current rent from October 2021 is 30p per square metre, but discounts are available for those over 65 years of age (proof of age is required)
Allotment Waiting List
We operate a waiting list system which is open to all residents of Copthorne and Crawley Down (the Parish). Available allotments are allocated to the person who has been on the waiting list the longest. If they decline the allotment, it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list and so on. Once a person accepts the allotment, they will be sent an Allotment Tenancy Agreement to complete.


For further information and/or to join the waiting list please contact the Deputy Clerk on 01342 713407 or via

Please note 

Whilst Worth Parish Council welcomes organised visits to Crawley Down Allotments, we do politely request that we are notified of any such visits in advance. As we own this land, we have a duty to our allotment holders to inform them of such visits and a duty to any visitors to ensure the appropriate risk assessments are in place.


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