Crawley Down Playground Rejuvenation

Worth Parish Council has secured Section 106 funding to help redevelop Crawley Down Playground. There are not enough funds to redevelop the whole playground so this project is about keeping the best parts and changing the parts children like least. We also plan to apply for other Community Funds to help fund this project.

We want the playground in Crawley Down to be a place for all children to enjoy playing in. 

Stage One 

The first stage of this redevelopment project was to find out from local children about what they want - what they like about the playground, what they don't like and how they want it to look. We ran an exciting competition asking children their views on the current playground giving them the chance to submit their designs.

Over eighty children sent in their designs! Councillor Cruickshank, Frances Lancaster (The Haven Centre) and Drew, our Youth Support Worker looked through each design and selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. You can see the winner designs below.  

A public display of all these designs will be held at The Haven Centre in Crawley Down from the 11 March to the 9 April. Come along and take a look at the designs our local children created.  

Stage Two 

All the information children gave us about what they like to do in play parks, their three favourite things in Crawley Down Playground and their designs will be shared with a playground designer who will produce some initial designs based on what children have told us. 

Once we have these designs we will hold public consultation events.  

Crawley Down Playground Photo

Photo of Crawley Down Playground

Prize Giving and Public Display

Prize Giving Photo

Prize giving Photo 3rd prize

Public Display Photo

Winning Entries

Playground First Place Design

Playground Second Place Design

Playground Third Place Design

How Crawley Down Playground Looks Now

Crawley Down Playground

Crawley Down Playground Swings

Crawley Down Playground Slide

Crawley Down Playground Sheep


Climbing Frame

Crawley Down Playground

Crawley Down Playground Seesaw

Help Design Crawley Down Playground Competition

Post Boxes Image

Post Boxes Haven Centre

Poster at Co Op

Post Box Co Op