Our priority is to ensure a true “Village feel” and that Crawley Down and Copthorne are safe, attractive and enjoyable places for our existing and future residents to live.

To do this we identify, support and provide resources for initiatives that develop and maintain the delivery of efficient and cost-effective services and amenities for our community.

In 2022, The Crawley Down and Copthorne Village Centres Action Plan was published. Commissioned by Mid Sussex District Council and prepared for and with Worth Parish Council, it provides us with research and suggested future improvements for both Crawley Down and Copthorne Village Centres.

We have 17 Councillors in total and our Vision sets out our aspirations for both Copthorne and Crawley Down Village.

We are the local authority closest to our community which we serve and invariably the first-place people will come to with their ideas and concerns. As a Parish Council, we operate below district and county level; Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council respectively.

Find Out More

You can follow us on Facebook and sign up to receive our regular newsletter. Or why not take a look at one of our Community Noticeboards located in both villages?

You can also come and meet us in person by visiting our offices at The Parish Hub in Copthorne or come along to a Full Council Meeting (members of the public are welcome)

Don't forget, you can always email us or give us a call at enquiries@worth-pc.gov.uk or 01342 713407