CCTV - Copthorne Village

Council has agreed an initiative to install CCTV cameras in the Parish to support the prevention, investigation and detection of crime, the apprehension and prosecution of offenders, the maintenance of public order and the reduction of vandalism.

It is intended that four cameras will be installed in the first instance, with two in Copthorne and two in Crawley Down.

Work to Date

We have identified a Preferred Supplier and agreed the most suitable locations for the four cameras to be installed. In Copthorne, they will be located by the Recreation Ground and the Village Green.

We are currently working with the Preferred Supplier to ensure wayleaves and connectivity issues are resolved so that installation can take place. Wayleaves are the right of way granted by a landowner, typically for purposes such as the erection of telegraph wires or laying of pipes.

The four cameras will be monitored by Sussex Police, and we are therefore also liaising with them to ensure any necessary agreements will be in place for when installation is completed.

Next Steps

Our next steps will be to ensure all wayleaves agreements and connectivity issues are resolved so that we can confirm dates for installation for each location.

We will also continue to work with our Preferred Supplier and Sussex Police to finalise and agree any servicing and monitoring arrangements.

We will provide further updates as they happen.

Image of CCTV Camera