Worth Parish Council - Serving the Villages of Copthorne and Crawley Down

Worth Parish Council is a local Council that makes decisions on behalf of the people who live and work in The Parish – the villages of Copthorne and Crawley Down. We have 17 Councillors in total – eight for Copthorne and nine for Crawley Down. Councillors are unpaid elected officials and ALL work together for the benefit of the Parish as a whole.

We are the local authority closest to our community which we serve and invariably the first-place people will come to with their ideas and concerns. As a Parish Council, we operate below district and county level; Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council respectively.

Full Council meetings are held once a month on Monday evenings at The Parish Hub in Copthorne. Plus, we have numerous committees which discuss and determine matters relating to the Parish. Members of the public are welcome to attend Full Council meetings.

What Is Our Vision?

To identify, support and provide resources for initiatives that develop and maintain the delivery of efficient and cost-effective services and amenities for our community.

Our priority is to ensure a true “village feel” and that Crawley Down and Copthorne are safe, attractive and enjoyable places for our existing and future residents to live. Why not take a look at Our Vision document?

Find Out More

You can follow us on Facebook and sign up to receive our regular newsletter. Or why not take a look at one of our Community Noticeboards located in both villages.

You can also come and meet us in person by visiting our offices at The Parish Hub in Copthorne or come along to a Full Council Meeting (members of the public are welcome)

Don't forget, you can always email us or give us a call at enquiries@worth-pc.gov.uk or 01342 713407

Where to Find Us

You can find us at The Parish Hub, Borers Arms Road, Copthorne, RH10 3ZQ and you are welcome to visit us. We are open to the public every weekday from 9.30am to 12 noon (excluding bank holidays).